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Already in his early years Carlo found an immediate access to play drums as he received his first set of drums being only two years old. He gathered first live experiences when he started to play with his first bands in Switzerland, afterwards he was touring in Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria and Sweden. At the tender age of 17 he started with his music study at the musiccollege (WIAM) in Zürich, Switzerland.

In 2016 he decided to move to Berlin where he is still living and working further on his career joining bands like Zoe Wees, 1986zig, Elif, Kelvin Jones, LXANDRA, Klan, Esther Graf in the studio for drum recordings as well as live on stage throughout the world.


In the last years Carlo has also worked as live- and studiodrummer for artists and bands like Alvaro Soler, Fil Bo Riva, Asbjørn, Abay, Gotthard, Violetta Zironi and Velvet Two Stripes.

About Carlo

Carlo is a swiss drummer born August 1992

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