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Carlo Caduff Drumrecordings

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More to come soon...

Recording - and Drumsound

Sound and Groove are my most essential components, when it comes to drumming and recording.

Besides touring with different artists, recording drum sounds and creative collaborations represent my outright focus. It is simply my passion to create music.

The most essential components when it comes to drumming and recording are sound and groove combined with transposing the individual vibe of the track.

Aside from that, communication and paying strict attention to detail are also of high importance to me.

In a nutshell: All those elements are crucial and that is what I deliver when it comes to drum recordings.


Tell me about your project, through the 'contact' button above. Looking forward to creating something awesome!



Gretsch Drums

Slingerland Radioking

Slingerland 60`s Kit

Ludiwg 70`s Kit

standard industry microphones

(Shure, Sennheiser, AKG)

UA Interface

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